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God asks each man to walk out life with him, surrendering to him in all areas. This walk with God is a journey to significance. All men want to be significant; they want to make a difference in this world, to leave their mark, to accomplish something great. Men look for significance in money, career, sex, power, women, or sports. However, the significance all men desire is only found in a walk with God. When God owns a man’s heart, He gives that man meaning and purpose for life. He is used by God to accomplish great things and change the world for the better. Embark exists to help men meet Jesus, start a journey with him, and grow up in the character traits of Christ. The more a man looks like Christ, the more he finds deep meaning and purpose in this world. He becomes a better neighbor, father, boyfriend, husband, friend, and worker. The Biblical teachings in Embark are designed to give men the tools they need to build a life of significance in Jesus.

Brad Small - October 14, 2021

How to Disciple Others

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