Embark’s ROI Spectrum:

The Toolbox for a Life of Significance

Embark’s curriculum is broad and expansive.
It’s designed to delve deeply into core questions, and provides paoignant lessons throughout. Below are some fundamental series.

Begin A Relationship With God - This series will address the evidence for the existence of God, the validity of scripture and the identity of Jesus. Men will be given the basic tools to grow in their relationship with God.
Grow In Spiritual Discipline - This series will give men all the weapons they need for spiritual battle with the enemy and provide for a consistent walk with God.
Develop & Maintain Healthy Relationships - This series will provide the tools to walk in healthy relationships. How to be a good husband, father and friend. How to lead people relationally and how to be a peacemaker.
Address and Overcome Old Hurts, Habits & Hangups - This series although difficult to face is essential to having a healthy soul and walking in freedom with God.
Lead Others Spiritually - This series will provide men the tools needed to witness to others. Apologetics, personal testimony and how to start spiritual conversations are a few of the topics discussed.
Live a Life of Significance - This series will provide men practical insights to help them maximize their impact in this world. The deepest longing in men is to live a significant life and leave a legacy.
Grow In Faith To Spiritual Maturity - This series is full of application-oriented studies from the bible. It will feed the mind and give men action steps for living out their faith in the real world.