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Helping Men Become Godly Leaders

Do I have what it takes? Men ask this question of themselves in all areas of life- relationships, business, athletics, and spirituality. When men answer “yes” to this question they will dive in and work hard to build something great and succeed. When men answer “no” to this question, they will often retreat from the challenge or hide in something they think they can win.

Embark ministries exists to help men say “yes” to life’s challenges and opportunities. Embark uses truth to guide men become leaders at work, home, and church.

Meet Pastor Brad Small

Brad Small

President – Embark Ministries
With over 30 years of ministry experience, Brad started Embark out of a passion to help men become the best version of themselves spiritually, relationally, and professionally. Brad has been married to his wife Allison since 1984, and he has two grown children who are both married, as well two grandchildren.

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Helping today's men become Godly leaders